A Day in a Life of a Fashion Illustrator & Designer

Not many people know much about what the life of a Fashion Illustrator is like behind these beautiful illustrations we admire. We have Marina of Mélique Street a Fashion Illustrator and Designer share with us what her day in the life would be during this busy season of Milan Fashion Week.


08:30 Today is a very busy day, so I have to wake up early. I drank a cup of water and went to run.

9:30-10:10 I usually run in the evening, but during the Milan Fashion Week I don’t have time for that as I have to go to runways, meet different people and draw all the day, so I try to run early.

11:00 Yesterday I went to the Versace runway. I was so tired that I decided to finish the illustration next day. I watched the show again on my computer and then continued with colouring the initial sketches.

12:30 The illustration is finished, I sent it to Versace and asked my boyfriend to upload it to Instagram in a few hours. Now it’s time to get ready and go out.

13:00-13:30 I take a bike and go to a cafe in the center of Milan. I love to ride by bike and during the Fashion Week it’s really necessary as there is a huge amount of people on the streets and it’s hard to go by foot, metro or catch a taxi.

13:30-15:00 Lunch time! I take my boyfriend’s laptop and fill my Not Just A Label profile as I received an invitation to join them 2 days ago.


16:00-18:30 I go to support my friend FROY who’s presenting his new collection in a showroom. Here I met various people: bloggers, photographs etc. and discussed collaborations we could do for my fashion design and illustration projects.

19:00 DSQUARED2 runway. I do some quick live sketches and try to imagine which outfits I’d like to illustrate. There was a lot of models I usually illustrate so I was glad I will show them the result and hear their feedbacks.

20:30-22:30 I’m too tired to go at a big party so choose a friend’s one. It was fun and warm, I stay there for a couple of hours and then catch a bike and go home: I still have something to finish.

23:00-23:30 I do the illustrations from the DSQUARED2 runway and send them to their press-office. Now I can finally take a shower, watch an episode of True Detective and go to sleep. Next day I won’t have any runway but will have to continue designing a collection for a private client, perfect Sunday!