8 Facts You Never Knew About Chanel

We all recognise Chanel as one of the most distinguished fashion brands in the world. Fashion frequently acknowledges the ideas of this beloved label. The success and recognition of this brand is one that originates obviously from creator Coco Chanel. Other than being one of the biggest fashion designers of the 20th Century, her taste for sophistication was infamous. You may recognise the products in a store window or on famous celebrity Instagram pages, but how much do you really know about the brand? Just because we know you’re curious, here are 8 fashion facts about this notorious brand you probably didn’t even know!

1) Chanel N°5: the best selling perfume of all time

2) Chanel invented the suit for women

3) Chanel: the first brand to have a waiting list for nail polish

4) Chanel built its reputation selling hats

5) 4 out of 5 of Chanel’s boutiques were closed in 1945

6) The two-toned shoes: meant to make your legs longer and feet smaller

7) Chanel: associated with the creation of the little black dress

8) The Chanel 2.55 bag: it increases in price every year

1) Chanel N°5 is the best selling perfume of all time

Chanel Facts - Chanel No.5 perfume

Chanel No.5 perfume was created in 1921 as Coco Chanel wanted for “a woman’s perfume with a woman’s scent”. Collaborating with perfumer Ernest Beaux, it rapidly became one of the most iconic fragrances ever. Needing over 80 notes before its rise to perfection, it makes us appreciate the skill and craftsmanship of this product. It even won a spot in the 2014 Superbowl where it was featured in an advertisement. Why so much about this fragrance? Its history and legacy allows it to remain one of the scents that will forever stay relevant. Even Marilyn Monroe in 1952 (at the height of her fame) once stated she wore just a few drops of the perfume to bed. Also, fun fact: it was named No.5 because it happened to be the fifth sample of the scent Beaux sent to Coco Chanel that became her favourite.

2) Chanel invented the suit for women

Chanel Facts - The suit for women

This fact is particularly interesting now that menswear has established itself as a popular trend. The first female suit was created to heighten the taste of independence felt by women taking over the jobs of men during the Second World War… And it worked; even to the extent that some women refused to return to old dressing habits and established themselves as professionals. One of these women happened to be Coco Chanel. In Paris she designed the classic ‘Chanel suit’ for women. Although it used traditionally masculine features, it was intended for a leisurely lifestyle. Using softer materials it gave a polished and sophisticated look which became the trend in the 1920’s. It mostly consisted of oversized skirts, binding corsets and delicate detailing. We love that this expanded the field of female dress and has paved the way for much more.

3) Chanel was the first brand to have a waiting list for nail polish

Chanel Facts - Chanel nail polish

Since the launch of Chanel’s Rouge Noir nail polish in 1994, the demand for nail polish has risen. The nail polish was apparently created after a makeup artist who was backstage at a show for Chanel noticed the model had nothing on her fingernails and painted them with black marker. Mix in a little nail varnish and voila – Rouge Noir. The colour became a timeless classic that even sold out in the UK within 24 hours. The brand was the first to ever have a waiting list for the collection and to sell out. Since then, we have 14 additional colours including Melrose, Ballerina, Rodeo Drive and the most recent for Spring 2016, orange Espadrille.

4) Chanel built its reputation selling hats

Chanel Facts - Chanel Hats

In Paris there was high demand for her hats, formally named Chanel Modes. They propelled the designer to fame and developed what would turn out to be a renowned career and business. Coco Chanel had the support of important male admirers who helped her open her first shop in Paris in 1913. Interesting that the designer actually started out with an accessory before taking the plunge into designing other forms or clothing, notably garments. The hats however took the city (and world) by storm, even today they give us some serious vintage roaring 20’s feels.

5) 4 out of 5 of Chanel’s boutiques were closed in 1945

Chanel Facts - Chanel boutique in WWII

This is recognised as one of the most popular pictures of the boutique in 1945. Chanel originally had 5 of these boutiques running in Paris. The Second World war however caused 4 of these to close. Sad mostly for the fashion fanatics that lived for the sophisticated and luxurious pieces. The one that remained open however did continue selling accessories and perfume. Even more interesting was that the boutique was especially popular with the soldiers who happened to pass through town.

6) The two-toned shoes are meant to make your legs longer and feet smaller

Chanel Facts - Two-toned shoes

Ever wondered why Chanel always seems to have a never ending stream of two-toned themed shoes? This Chanel must-have has become a staple for anyone looking to emulate the brand and style it. The classic black and nude combination is one that goes hand in hand with the elegance and sophistication behind the brand. In fact, before 1957 this exact style of footwear didn’t actually exist. Monsieur Massaro was the one selected to work closely with Coco in producing the statement shoes. Now they have become another iconic piece for the brand, even better for you if you’re still trying to find the perfect pair for work or just a chic look.

7) Chanel is associated with the creation of the little black dress

Chanel Facts - Chanel Little Black Dress

In the 1920’s wearing black was building momentum for women. The colour was associated with dignity, mystery and elegance, which basically embodied everything Chanel stood for. Then in 1926, the designer published a picture of a simple, short black dress on a page in American Vogue. It was Chanel’s little black dress that not only sealed the deal for the colour in high fashion but also kick started the trend we love oh so much today. It was and is still loved dearly because it was an easy outfit that was available to all women despite their class. Seriously where would we be without one of these in our wardrobes?

8) The Chanel 2.55 bag increases in price every year

Chanel Facts - Chanel 2.55 bag

Probably not the best piece of news if you really want to buy one of these. This bag is actually so unique in its production, and one of its key selling points is that it grows in value as the years pass. It was also named 2.55 for the date it was created, February 1955. The bag is famously known for the signature diamond quilted pattern across it and for the double chain strap. Regardless of the colour you get, it’s the same idea but if you want it, get it now as it only gets more pricey!

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