How to tie a Trench coat belt

The classic trench coat should be sat in every one of our wardrobes. It is the dominant transitional item that needs to comes out every season, one way or another. A covetable piece favoured by the fashion pack leaders, it is essential that when you do wear it and specifically belt it, you know how. It’s not as simple as tying a basic knot…  We shall show you a step-by-step guide on how to tie a trench coat belt.

How to tie a trench coat belt - fashion dictionary

The back Knot for the trench coat belt

  1. Put the belt around your waist and without fastening the belt, layer the tail end of the belt over the buckled end.
  2. Take the buckled end and fold it up and over the tail end, so the buckled end is facing the wrong way up.
  3. Continue to pull this end around the tail end, so that it forms a loop.
  4. Continuing to work with the buckled und, pull it up through the back of where the belt has become tied.
  5. Fold this buckled end forward and push it through the loop.
  6. Pull to your desired tightness.

The downward loop

  1. Put the belt around your waist and fasten the buckle to your desired tightness.
  2. With the excess tail end strap hanging downwards, pull it upwards through the back of the belted strap.
  3. This will have formed a loop, where you need to insert the strap into.
  4. Once the strap is pushed through the loop, pull this together tightly to form a secure knot.

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