How to tie a Scarf Infographic

There are many ways to tie a scarf, but sometimes we lack the energy, time and imagination to show some creativity. Check out our 2 favourite ways to tie your scarf, and follow these simple steps to get the look right. Refresh your outfit in a flash.

How to tie a Scarf - infographic


The Pretzel Knot

  1. Make a loose loop around your neck, leaving enough space between the scarf and your neck.
  2. Twist the loop to an 8 shape.
  3. Take the left end and put it through the hole from above.
  4. Take the right end and put it through from underneath.
  5. Pull on the 2 ends until it is a little bit tighter around your neck.

The Twisted Headband

  1. Fold your scarf twice to make it thin.
  2. Place it to the back of your head making sure there is enough length left on each side of the scarf.
  3. Pull it on the front and cross the ends to make an X, and twist it until it’s tight.
  4. Pull the ends to the back.
  5. Tie the ends with a knot.
  6. Tuck the ends into the scarf.