Gloves Infographic: Types of Gloves

Sometimes you may find yourself confused on what type of gloves to buy or the best styles for you. Especially as Autumn and Winter seasons are approaching. Thankfully, gone are the days we refuse to wear gloves because they are not fashionable. Moreover, there aren’t too many places that give you enough information on the various styles, sizes and shapes. As a matter of fact, different types of gloves portray different attitudes and can give different meanings to a look. There’s the pair aimed to make you stylish, those that keep you moving with the trends or the ones that simply keep your fingers from falling off.

Whatever the purpose, this gloves infographic will become your best friend and help you choose the perfect pair between: Gauntlet, Arm, Evening long, Wrist length, Short, Mitten, Mitt and Driving gloves

Gloves Infographic - Types of Gloves

Gauntlet gloves

Gauntlet gloves have an extended cuff emerging from the wrist, which covers the forearm. Historically soldiers and knights used them as pieces of armour to protect and shield their arms and hands. This style is not hugely popular, but is a great tool to add medieval glamour to outfits. It was seen in the Autumn Winter 2016 Chanel collection, where the gloves were incorporated into girly pink outfits to bring androgyny to the catwalk. The style has been occasionally featured over the years in a few other fashion shows as well; at Carolina Herrera they were worn over skin-tight black sweaters and emerged from slim jacket sleeves. Bottega Veneta teamed them with double breasted tailored coats and figure hugging dresses, bringing an air of empowerment to the collection. When it comes to wearing yours, style it with body-hugging feminine pieces – try slim fitting trench coats, fine-knit sweaters or tight leather jackets.

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gauntlet womens winter gloves

Arm gloves

The arm gloves are not exactly the most practical for keeping your hands warm, but they do add that little extra to an outfit. They are a great choice for edgy glamour, as they have a grungy look. Wear black ones with a white t-shirt for a monochrome outfit, or team them with a skintight mini dress for a cute but sexy style. For a cosy winter ensemble, wear them under an oversized cardigan – stick to caramel and brown tones to soften the overall look. This style can have a modern Goth feel to it, so always keep that in mind when choosing them.

Evening long gloves

Long gloves are set to add glamour to any outfit. They are most usually worn as part of an evening look, as an elegant way to keep the hands warm. Audrey Hepburn made the style iconic in her blockbuster movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and now they are looked at as a 1950s inspired piece. You can wear them to elevate the elegance of any outfit. They come in different finishes and silhouettes, fabrics and materials to add varying elements of extravagance to any look. French fashion house Céline upgraded simple shirts and dresses with the leather elbow length gloves in camels and black, sticking to a neutral palette for sophistication. Dior has featured intrinsically embroidered evening gloves within its couture collections, where the sheer extra-long fabrics added luxury detail to modest outfits. Due to being such a hit on the catwalks, these long length gloves can be worn pretty much any time.

When it comes to wearing these gloves, try selecting bold and bright colours to create a brilliant contrast to any outfit. Snakeskins, appliqués and patterns will easily create a statement evening look, when worn with simple gowns and dresses. For an effortless daytime look, follow how street style icon girls wear theirs: choose natural-tone butter soft leathers and have them peeking from a cape style coat or top.

Wrist length gloves

Wrist length gloves sit at the wrist, and are usually a simple piece knitted from wools and cashmeres. Their initial intended purpose is to keep the hands warm as a winter necessity, but can now be a statement-making piece. They have been adapted as an accessory staple, coming in different finishes and embellishments. Gucci has made the wrist gloves in sheer black adorned with pearls. Dolce & Gabbana had them as glitzy showstoppers in their Winter 2014 collection, heavily encrusted in jewels, precious stones and crystals. Erdem crafted colourful lace appliqué gloves, adding some exciting elegance to the outfits. To try extravagant wrist gloves, why not firstly pick a sheer lace or polka dot glove? This will give you an easy and amplified take on the accessory. If you are confident enough to pull out all the stops, go for a heavily ornamented glove. If it is just a winter warmer you are looking for (extravagance not taking your fancy), simple cashmere gloves will always be acceptable.

wrist womens gloves black red

Short gloves

The short gloves are smaller than the typical wrist one, exposing more of the upper hand and lower wrist. They bring a more elegant look by revealing the skin, and work as a dainty cute accessory. Gucci used the gloves as an embellished addition within the Spring Summer 2016 collection: they were presented in different styles of golden leather, delicate tulle, and crochet knits, with many of the pairs featuring pearls, rings and floral adornments. They were also seen at other fashion brands such as Oscar de la Renta and Mulberry, where they added bejewelled trimmings and bracelets for extra luxe. This style is best worn as part of eveningwear, for weddings and occasional events to provide your outfit with some extra-added luxury.

short womens leather gloves yellow red brown

Mitten gloves

The mitten gloves cover all of the fingers, enveloping the whole hand. Mittens are the warmest type of glove, as all of the fingers are in contact with each other. Usually they were used in freezing climates, or by small children at winter, but now they can be seen as a part of the fashion sphere. Giant furry mittens were awarded the status of being a micro trend in 2013, where they were seen at top fashion houses such Alexander Wang, Balenciaga and Altuzarra. The fluffy gloves have stuck around in the fashion world, as a practical hand warming-come-major fashion statement item. Max Mara opted for the mitten in their most recent Autumn/ Winter 2017 collection, showing that the glove is not going to disappear any time soon.
To wear the fuzzy pairing, choose natural colours of fur such as monochrome, grey and caramel. Keep the rest of your outfit refined and minimal: follow the top designers and stick to belted trenches, leather jackets and tailored coats to really make an impact. If fur is too much of a statement, options of sheepskin, cable knit and cashmere are perfect alternatives.

Mitt gloves

The mitt gloves are fingerless and cover the palm of the hands. The style is a favourite on the runways, regularly frequented at the big names in fashion such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Valentino and Chanel. Coming in all different forms each season, they have been interpreted in tweed, leather, crochet knit and sheer lace. This style often appears with extra embellishments, such as pearl trims, sequinned logos, ornate buttons and beautiful bracelet embellishments. The fingerless feature makes these gloves a modern day must have, as it allows you to use your touch screen phone – whilst keeping warm. Feel free to select yours to match your outfit, as these gloves are a cool versatile piece for the fashion forward woman.

Driving gloves

Driving gloves are masculine-style hand wear, to provide an enhanced grip of a car’s steering wheel. They are characterised by thin, soft leather sometimes with upper hand and knuckle holes. These gloves are now a go-to item for feminine modern dressing, due to their practical yet chic look. Since being shown at numerous fashion shows of French brands Chanel and Hermés, they have become a must have sophisticated accessory. Due to their simplicity and everyday purpose, they can be worn with anything. Wear them with girly dresses to create a contrasting take on the glove. To create a masculine inspired look, wear a pair with a t-shirt and a leather jacket. For a classical vintage take, choose a simple white pair and wear with a high neck jumper, midi skirt and cat-eye sunglasses. Create ultimate femininity and select pairs with fancy buttons and embellishments, or wear with bracelets for even more added elegance.

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