Coats Infographic – Types of Coats

Choosing the right coat can be hard. Our Types of Coats Infographic has been designed so that when you’re picking your outfit, you know just what to top it off with. It will be the first part of your outfit people see so it’s important to get it right. So just before you go out, be sure to check out our infographic to see what’s what. We have included every kind of coat we can think of so that wherever you’re going or whatever you’re doing, you’ll always know what kind of coat you’re wearing.


Reefer coat

A reefer coat is a woollen coat, usually worn by the “reefers” in the navy. The heavy fabric was used to keep the sailors protected from the cold winds at sea. The coat has a double button closure, which was purposely designed to prevent the sails’ ropes from getting tangled on the buttons.

Not to be confused with the pea coat, this one is longer and sits at the thighs.

Originally for men, this navy blue style is great to add masculine charm to an outfit. The military style made its way into the fashion world in the past decades, and made common appearances on the runway for Autumn/Winter 2015.

At Michael Kors’ it added extra sophistication to sparkling dresses, where it was draped over the shoulders for extra nonchalance. Chloé made the look appear perfectly stolen from the guys, with it being worn oversized over frilled blouses. If you want to pull off this uniform-style look, you must ensure the right balance of femininity and masculinity. Keep the cut oversized, wearing over slim-fitting pieces. Think feminine blouses with cigarette pants or skinny jeans and heels. Wearing with an elegant dress is perfect for creating a sophisticated evening look.

Pea coat

This is a heavy navy woollen coat, also traditionally worn by sailors. This style was designed to sit at the hips to allow for movement. It has large lapels, and double-breasted buttons.

Designed for men, the short, boxy shape is also perfect to be worn by women. The short length of the coat is great when worn with a mini skirt to show off ample leg length. If the style feels too masculine, try one with a rounded lapel to add a touch of femininity. This coat is great to create an effortless chic look when worn over cropped skinny jeans and a pointed toe pump. For Autumn/Winter 2015 fashion brand Isabel Marant made the coat a stylish French-girl staple, styling it oversized with tiny skirts and shirts. To select a coat with a look of elegance, pick one with gold or silver metallic buttons. If you want a style for an informal daytime outfit, pick buttons that match the colour of the coat and casually sling it over the shoulders.

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Car coat

The car coat is a square fitting coat, sometimes A-line in cut, with a small collar. It was designed for both men and women, to be worn while driving a car. The style sits at the hips or mid thigh, making it perfect for a feminine outfit. This simple coat will always ooze elegance due to its origins of expressing a wealthy status. Fashion house Céline has made the look an icon of minimalist chic, keeping it classic in camel and grey. Thanks to the coveted brand, it has been adopted into a street style must-have. UK Fashion bloggers and street style influencers wear theirs with skinny jeans, cigarette pants and pointed pumps. Thanks to its minimalism, you can opt for colourful bold bright and patterned options. Eye-popping pink, neon yellow and acid orange are top choices worn by the fashion pack and street stylers. By teaming the eye-catching colours with simple, muted tones you are always set to achieve a covetable style. If striking bright tones are not quite your thing, leopard print, ivory and navy are perfect to channel refined style.

Duffle coat

The duffle coat is a coarse, wool coat originating from Belgium. The main features of the coat are its toggle fastenings and hood. Its purpose was to be worn at sea by military officers, providing protection from wind and rain. Post war, it was adopted by new generation youth making the coat a fashion item. Today, the coat represents an alternative British image, coming in and out of style repeatedly. Available in different lengths, they range from sitting at the hip, mid thigh and ankle. The style has been seen at fashion houses Burberry, Valentino and Vanessa Seward – proving it is still a must-have piece.

When worn by the fashion crew it is the epitome of preppy-girl-chic. Alexa Chung and Taylor Swift are avid fans of the style, wearing it with an element of every day cool. Style it like Alexa with cute mini dresses, black tights and loafers for a classic look. For a more relaxed and casual look jeans, flat ankle boots and a tanned satchel bag is an easy go-to combination.

Caplet coat

A caplet coat is a coat with capped or cape-like shoulder detail. The shape is feminine, with a cinched waist for a figure-flattering effect. It was catapulted into a top trend by major fashion house Burberry in Spring/Summer 2013, when the voluminous detail was added to trench coats. The best way to wear this style is belted to balance the romantic silhouette.

When wearing this style, the coat does the talking. Choose one in any colour and pattern to suit your personal style. For a classic look every time, keep to timeless options of Camel, navy, ivory, herringbone and plaid. Keep accessories minimal, and stick to super slim-fitting legwear. Tights, skin-tight jeans and leather leggings are the best choices.

Princess coat

The princess coat gets its name from its silhouette. It has a nipped in waist with a wide, flowing skirt (like a dress for a princess!). It can come in numerous options of closures, with the central button being the most princess-like option. For a less girly style, a double button closure is an alternative choice. The coat also has numerous collar styles. Peter-pan style fur, rounded lapels, or the trench coat neckline.

The coat was a top 50s trend, with the swinging skirt exuding feminine elegance. For Autumn/Winter 2012 Christian Dior made the style a modern fashion must-have, creating streamline smooth curves. To avoid an overly sugary-sweet, princess look, select a coat without excessive pleating and frills. Sticking to a simple dress-like cut will achieve a sophisticated style. If you want an ultimate girly look, pick a full flaring skirt with buttons and belted finishes.

Princess coat

Wrap coat

A wrap coat has no buttons and is closed by folding it around the body or with a belt. It can be tied tightly or loosely to create different silhouettes. The coat can have huge collars, small collars or no collars at all depending on style choice. It comes in different lengths to create different levels of sophistication. A shorter cut will communicate a daytime and casual feel, whereas a longer cut a dressed-up elegant look.

The Row, Max Mara and Hermés made the robe coat a huge trend in 2014, opting for the coat in classic shades of camel, grey and neutral ivories. For an effortlessly chic look, follow Mary-Kate Olsen’s styling of the blanket coat. She selected an extra-long oversized coat to create a flattering cocoon shape when belted. Pairing it with turned up jeans, an oversized bag and pointed pumps, she created an easy look. Alexa Chung wore her wrap coat with sophisticated elegance. She tightly knotted her straight-fitting mid-length grey coat, forming an elongating outfit. Pairing hers with a simple sweater, cropped skinny jeans and metallic boots, she created an image of everyday sophistication. This coat is great for any occasion but keep accessories minimal and always ensure you wear slim fitting clothing to keep the look refined.

Swing coat

Swing coats are tight fitting at the shoulder and flare out from the chest to create an A-line swinging shape. The 1960s style was intended to sit over skirts showing the legs. It was made famous by the girls of the swinging 60’s, such as models Jean Shrimption and Twiggy. The youthful cut is a classic shape and can be worn for any occasion. Gucci and Louis Vuitton included the style in their Autumn/Winter 2014 shows, bringing the style back onto the fashion scene. They teamed their designs with short skirts and knee-high boots for ultimate throwback glamour. Giambattista Valli brought the coat forward for Spring 2016, endorsing it as a definite go-to piece.

When wearing it, you are set to add femininity to any outfit. The coat looks great with jeans for a modern take on the timeless look. For a super-swinging outfit, wear it with a mini dress, tights and Mary-Jane pumps.

Quilted parka

The quilted parka jacket is a thermal coat, made from quilting the fabric into puffs (also known as the puffer jacket). Once, it was regarded as a no-go trend due to its unflattering shape and its “Michelin Man” like quality. In fact, it was greatly avoided.

Nowadays, thanks to designer of the moment Demna Gvasalia, the puffer is accepted in the limelight. Seen at the designer’s fashion houses, Balenciaga and Vetements, the practical piece is number one in the style stakes. Wearing the duvet style has been highly accepted in the fashion world, with it being the next big thing in street style. It has been worn in a plethora of colours, ranging from post-box red, bubble-gum pink, bottle green and original black.

For its new re-envisaged look, it is often worn oversized and off the shoulder. To pull off the sporty staple, you must make it form part of a contrasting statement. Wear it with skinny trousers and embellished pumps for a Balenciaga take on the style. For a more fun-focused look, wear it huge like Rihanna with bare legs and fierce footwear. Don’t be afraid to try this look… With it being so ‘fashionably unfashionable’ you can pretty much wear it any way you please.

Double-breasted trench

The double-breasted trench coat is a coat with two rows of buttons to make a wide over lapping flap. Traditionally it was a menswear item, designed as a gentlemen’s casual coat. Women have since adopted it as a way to translate a sophisticated, masculine-inspired look. Fashion houses Max Mara, Burberry and Bottega Veneta all use this style coat throughout their collections as an ode to timeless classic style. The traditional coat is a go-to reliable piece to make any outfit sophisticated and wearable for work. Team it with a sweater and tailored trousers for a casual take on an office-appropriate look. To make the outfit acceptable for everyday, opt for more relaxed clothing. As the street style girls do it, a shirt tucked into jeans, paired with on trend trainers will make a look perfectly borrowed from the boys. If dressed-up glamour is more your thing, wear it with a midi pencil skirt, jewellery and heeled sandals.

Single-breasted trench

The single-breasted coat has one row of buttons usually down the centre. This closure is an alternative to the double-breasted, removing the overlap for a more feminine fit. Because of its single row of buttons, the coat has a lighter feel to it with an air of casual elegance. The coat is a great option to flatter the figure when belted, as it creates a perfect feminine silhouette.

Fashion brand Céline made this coat a high fashion statement for pre-Autumn/Winter 2016, where it has kept its trend status for 2017. Wear it as you see it on the catwalks with an oversized shirt and wide trousers for a fashion-forward look. Or try it like the stylish it-girls Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Gigi Hadid. The two are sure fans of the trench, wearing it with their skinny jeans and stiletto sandals.

If you want a simplistic girly look, button it to the top and wear with bare legs or tights to achieve an eye-catching outfit.

single trench coat women

Cape coat

The cape coat is a sleeveless coat that drapes upon the shoulders.

It became a huge trend in 2014, with the top designers making it a style staple. Valentino, The Row and Saint Laurent all draped the flowing jacket in a variety of different lengths and styles. From then on the obsession continued, and it makes regular appearances on the runway and in street style.

Gucci, Mulberry and Chloe ensured that the trend wasn’t going anywhere by including it in their Autumn/Winter 2016 shows. At Gucci, the cut was short and playful in bright colours and geometric patterns to make it the focus of the look. Chloe opted for an oversized classic camel style that created a blanket style look. Mulberry kept the shape long, fastening it at the collar with giant arm slits.

With this coat the choices of styles are endless. From zero-sleeve poncho styles, capes with armholes, and to cropped button up cuts; there is one for every look. For an easy day-to-day chic, a simple thigh-skimming coat is the perfect option. Wear it in navy, black or camel with jeans and heels for off-duty chic. For a more glammed up look, select a coat with embellishments, military style buttons or in a statement colour.

Duster coat

The duster coat is a lightweight draping floor-length buttonless coat.

The breezy coat is a versatile piece perfect for early autumn, late spring, daytime and eveningwear. It adds easy elegance to an outfit thanks to its sophisticated long length combined with its lightweight relaxed material. A street style favourite, it has the ability to elevate even the simplest of outfits. It looks great worn with skinny jeans, sweaters and trainers to create day-to-day chic. The style is a must-have for it-girl Gigi Hadid, who wears hers over camisole dresses for a sexy evening cover-up. For a daytime look, she wears it with skinny trousers, cropped tops and sweaters. Thanks to its flowing cut, the coat exudes elegance, especially when worn in luxury fabrics such as lightweight silks and satins. When selected in refined tones of soft grey, blush pink and teal blue it makes the perfect evening look. To make the look extra fierce, belt the coat and wear it with super high killer heels.

Duster coat women