The best eye makeup brushes – Full guide

There are so many eye brushes to choose from when you want to apply makeup to your eyes, but how you do know which one is the best to get the best result? Our makeup brush manual below will make your life easier.

Different Eyes Brushes for different results:
1. Shadow Brush
2. Liner Brush
3. Brow/Lash Brush

So if like us, you need a cheat sheet to help choose the right brush for each application, then this beauty dictionary is just what you need! Keep it somewhere handy, and remember to use it next time you’re going to buy a new brush.

And don’t forget to wash your brushes regularly!

The best eye makeup brushes - Beauty dictionary infographic

1. Shadow

  • Smoky crease Brush

Define the crease or blend out the shadow.

  • Large blending Brush

The fluffy shape was made for foolproof seamless blending.

  • Large eyeshadow Brush

Ideal for applying colour all over and maximising pigment laydown.

  • Iconic eyeshadow Brush

Made for applying colour and blending eye colour, this is the perfect all-around eye brush.

  • Flat eyeshadow Brush

Great for all-over colour or precise shading. Try it wet! Also perfect for applying highlight shades on the brow bone.

  • Medium eyeshadow Brush

Perfect for laying down all colour all over. Great for powder shadows!

  • Smoky smudger Brush

Use to blend, highlight or create a smoky effect, especially in small areas.

  • Tapered blending Brush

Use in creases and softly feather colour out or create seamless blending.

  • Moondust Brush

This dense brush was designed to be used wet with shadow. Maximises sparkle and minimises fallout!

  • Eyeshadow contour Brush

Perfectly shaped and just the right size for clean definition in the crease.

  • Detailed smudger Brush

Blends and smudges with precision, especially effective at creating a smoked out look along the lash line.

2. Liner

  • Angled eyeliner Brush

Draw thin lines or bold, thick lines.

  • Precise eyeliner Brush

The ultimate cat-eye tool, this brush provides total control and creates ultra-fine lines.

  • Tightline Brush

Really get in and define the lash line with a precision smudge.

3. Brow/ Lash

  • Angled brow Brush

Precise and firm, the angled edge makes it easy to use powders, wax or gels to sculpt the perfect set.

  • Essential eye Tool

Three must-have tools in one: a brow, a spoolie brush and a stainless-steel lash comb.