Food face masks for oily or dry skin

We all want perfect glowing skin, but do not want to spend a fortune on skincare products (which don’t actually give decent results). It may sound odd, but food is a way to feed your skin. Surprisingly most of the food sat in your refrigerator can be turned into a face mask, and is completely 100% natural. The combination of the ingredients in these masks are an round wonder for your complexion. So get your DIY skills at the ready, and prepare yourself an invigorating (and affordable) beauty treatment. Here are two food face masks for you to try:

Food face masks for Oily skin – How does it work?

Food face masks for Oily skin

Lemon juice fights against oily skin, by absorbing excess oil from the skin and  pores. It also has antibacterial properties that aid against acne, by killing the triggering germs. Strawberries contain nutrients such as salicylic acid, fiber and vitamin C to protect against blackheads, whiteheads and acne. The fruit also promotes a glowing complexion by aiding damaged skin, spots, scars and blemishes. It also promotes youthful skin, and helps against aging.

The honey in this mask also plays an important part. It works as a moisturiser to brighten the skin, while the antioxidants work to boost complexion. In addition the yogurt’s lactic acid will tighten pores and dissolve the dead skin, while naturally reducing wrinkles.

Food face masks for Dry skin – How does it work?

Food face masks for dry skin

The fatty acids contained within the avocado beat dry skin, by sealing the cracks between skin cells to keep skin smooth. Avocados are packed with skin boosting properties such as calcium, iron, copper, potassium and magnesium alongside multiple vitamins. These minerals help enhance the skin’s elasticity and moisture, and prevents signs of aging.  Coconut oil is an oil supplement for your skin, which also replenishes moisture.

The honey in this food face mask helps to plump the skin, thanks to its soothing properties. This ingredient will also provide the face with a cleanse, due to its antibacterial properties.