Do it yourself Gel Nail kits

Glossy, shiny, bright perfect nails are heaven for the hands. Gel nails are the newest way to achieve this look, however regular trips to the beauty salon can be expensive and time consuming. Thankfully there is a new way to achieve the look, and that is at home! Here are some do-it yourself products on the market that let you get your polished manicure at a fraction of the price.

Sensationail kit: £49.99

This starter kit comes with the preparation tools you need: LED lamp with timer, polishes and your choice of colour. The lamp dries the nail in a super quick 30 seconds (if you want a clear coat only).  The kit is portable, chargeable from a usb port or mains power. The manicure will retain its quality for up to two weeks without cracking, chipping or becoming dull.  There is enough equipment for 20 manicures, so the kit will last a long while. For other colours, there are over 100 to choose from costing £12.50 each.

To use, start by applying the gel primer leaving to air dry for 30 seconds. You then apply the base coat, and let it cure under the LED lamp for 30 seconds. After this is complete, it is time to add the colour, which needs curing for 30 seconds. Now the final stage is to apply the gel, using the same product as the base coat. Apply this thinly to the colour and cure for 30 seconds. Finish by using the wipe from the kit to remove the stickiness from the nail, and let your nails shine. 

Red Carpet Manicure Starter kit with professional led light £89.95

This starter kit comes with everything you need from equipment to product to achieve salon quality results. The professional LED timer lamp provided needs to be plugged in, so unfortunately is not portable.  However, with this gel nail kit comes the removal product and after care nourishing treatment, ensuring that your nails stay in tiptop condition. Also, there are 188 compatible colours available to choose from, priced at £12.95, you are bound to find one you love.

The application process is in three steps. The first is to clean the nails, by applying the max adhesion sanitizer to the nail, removing any remaining dirt. It will also make the application much better.

The next step is to apply the polish to the nail. Firstly you apply base coat gel, which needs to then be cured for 30 seconds under the LED light. After this is complete, apply the colour polish and cure for 45 seconds. It is recommended to apply two coloured coats for optimum results. For the final painting process, apply the seal & shine topcoat gel which needs to also be cured for 45 seconds.

Finally, to achieve the glossy finish, use the post application cleanser to wipe away the tackiness of the paint.

Fuse Geinamel by Sensationail: £19.99

For a super quick gel nail, this compact kit is great. The starter pack reduces the usual amount of steps involved in applying a gel nail for a much easier alternative.

The polish combines the formula of a gel and normal polish for a two in one product. The result will not be as spectacular as a full manicure, but is perfect for a quick fix. Once you apply the nail polish, you must cure each finger one at a time, due to the lamp being so small. However, the process only requires one coat and 30 seconds to cure.

The kit also includes nail cleanser, wipes and buffers to be used throughout the application, so it is a perfect quick and affordable option.

Do it yourself gel nail kits

Leighton Denny top that! revolutionary gel system £79.99

If you’re wanting a gel nail manicure, but cannot bear the thought of it not being your favourite colour this is the set for you. With this kit you add the gel top coat to your regular nail polish, brightening the shine of your usual paint.  The manicure should last for up to two weeks, which is great for making your favourite polish collection last longer.

The kit comes with the LED lamp, top gel coat, cleanser, buffer and hoof stick shaping tool. The process is simple: Firstly buff the nail, and then cleanse with the cleanser wipe provided. You then paint your nail with the coloured polish of your choice, and leave to dry for 30 minutes. After the nail is dry, apply the top gel coat and cure under the LED lamp for one minute. When this is complete, use the cleanser wipe to clean away any sticky residue. When all these steps are complete, you should have perfect glossy nails in your favourite shade!

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nails £9.99

When equipment, tools and cleansers all are too much, this simple polish may be the answer. This polish does not require a light to set the coat; it dries like a regular formula. Creating the gel-like finish, it is thicker than regular paints, leaving 2x more volume.

Using this polish is very simple. Apply two coats of the miracle gel colour, and leave to dry for 5 minutes. You then apply one coat of the miracle gel topcoat, and wait until it is dry before using your hands. The polish is easily removed with regular remover, which makes this product even more delightful.

Homedics Rokit high gloss gel polish kit £69.99

To achieve professional salon-like results without having to use lots of products, this one step kit is a great option. This at home set is quick and easy to use, with only one polish to apply. Avoiding separate applications of primer, base coat and topcoat, this starter kit is perfect for getting gel nails simply and conveniently. The nail formula combines all of the right elements, ensuring that the results are just as good as a traditional application. There are limited shades available, however the colours on offer include classic options such as various reds and pinks. The kit also comes with a nail file, cuticle stick and buffer, so is a great all in one kit for those perfect nails.

The plug-in lamp has a handy built-in timer making curing easy and ensuring that the process is accurately timed to achieve that perfect glossy finish. Only taking one minute to cure, this at home kit makes glossy gel manicures quick and easy. You can expect to enjoy 14 days wear, making this gel kit great for a long lasting manicure. Another plus is that the gel nail is easily removed with any Acetone based nail polish remover. Simply soften the nail with the formula, and push away with the cuticle stick. The set comes with a coloured polish, with replacement and other colours costing £14.99.

Pink Gellac starter kit £64.50

This kit is like having a salon treatment at home. The set includes all the preparation tools you need to get your nails ready for the polish: a nail cleaner, a nail file, orange wood stick and luxury nail wipes. It also comes with 3 colours of your choice, plus a free primer for pre-treatment and free pink polish. The range of colours available is extensive, with over 100 to choose from.

To apply to gel, the process is lengthy but simple. Prepare the nails to avoid chipping and lifting of the polish. Push your cuticles back with the orange wood stick. Then buff the nail with the nail file to help the adhesion of the gel. Then with the cleaner provided, use the nail wipes to clean away any excess dirt. When this is complete, apply the base coat and cure under the LED lamp for 15 seconds. The next step is to apply the colour of your choice, ensuring you seal the top of the nail, and then set for 60 seconds under the lamp. Do this twice, using thin layers, to ensure complete coverage and strength. The final step for this process is to add the ultra shine polish; this will amplify the glossy effect of the nails. Cure this coat for 60 seconds and your nails are ready to go.

Rio 14 day gel nails £29.99

Another quick kit for high shine gel nails. This affordable set promises to give you nails which last 7-14 days. The portable kit lets you apply a salon finish, without the fuss of lots of different steps and applications. Simply apply the two-in-one top and base coat upon your coloured polish and cure under the lamp for 60 seconds. The lamp is big enough to put all fingers under, which will make the process even quicker.

The LED lamp is handily chargeable, so you can do your nails anywhere you would like. The kit lamp is small, so is easily portable to use at home, on holiday or in the car. The gel polish and lamp promote longer and stronger nails, so your manicure will look even better. This kit is great for giving your favourite polishes a glossy, mirror like finish – and keep your colour collection lasting longer