Short Hairstyles for Women


Ever headed to the hairdresser determined that you’re finally going to get that dramatic change only to chicken out at the last moment? We certainly have. Going for a dramatically different hairstyle is a big decision, especially if you are unsure it will suit your face shape. It’s definitely a serious leap. If you feel like short haircuts for women are masculine, think again. Short hairstyles aren’t just for grandmothers and manic pixie dream girls… anyone can pull them off. And with the right cut, short hairstyles can give you that fresh new look you’ve been craving.

In this post we are going to help you work out the best short hairstyle for you by looking into the following:

1 – Face Shapes

2 – The Short Hairstyle Trend

3 – Types of Short Hairstyles.


1 – Face Shapes

Before you decide which style to get, you need to identify your face shape. It’s likely you have an idea already but we’ve provided a helpful guide for those who don’t.

Recognising your face shape is the most important factor when deciding which hairstyle to go for, so it’s worth taking the time to analyse your features before changing your look drastically.

Most women will say that their face is round, but most faces are actually one of six basic shapes. Pull your hair back away from your face and take a good look in the mirror to determine your actual face shape.

Face Shapes - Fashion Dictionary by Then and Now

Oval Shaped Face

Congrats, oval shaped beauty! You have what is probably the most coveted facial shape of them all. You are in good company with some of the most stunning women in the world. Gorgeous gals like Charlize Theron, Rihanna, Kate Middleton, and Jessica Alba all have oval shaped faces. It’s one of the easiest face shapes to work with because everything is already pretty much in balance, so you aren’t trying to enhance or minimize anything. Oval shaped faces are usually about three times as long as they are wide.



Round Shaped Face

If you have a round face, your forehead, cheekbones and jaw should all be of a fairly similar width. This is also true of square faces, which are the same width from forehead to chin. The difference between a square face and a round face is that a round face will have soft features while a square face will have more angular features. Also, rather than being angular, your jawline should be slightly rounded. A few examples of famous round faces to give you an idea of what to look for are Miranda Kerr, Mila Kunis and Jennifer Lawrence.


Square Shaped Face

If you have a square shaped face, your forehead, cheekbones and jaw are all the same width. While it’s similar to a round face, there are a few important differences. Square shaped faces are characterized by angular, sharp features. If your nose and jawline are soft and rounded, you probably have a round shaped face. Not sure if your face is square shaped? Look at pics of celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow, Demi Moore, Angelina Jolie, Isabella Rossellini, Nicole Richie and Olivia Wilde. Look at the widest points of their faces. If you take a close look, you’ll see that their sharp jawlines and wide foreheads make a square like shape. You’ll see this facial shape amongst lots of models and celebs because it photographs extremely well.


Oblong Shaped Face

There are a few subtle differences between an oval face and a long face. A long face is usually narrow, and is characterized by broad cheekbones, a strong jaw, and an elongated forehead. Take a closer look at celebs like Gisele Bundchen, Alexa Chung, Liv Tyler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Ashlee Simpson. All of them have long faces. While oval faces are rounder, long faces are a little bit lacking in that department. Long faced ladies should be focused on adding body and volume to their hair while avoiding looks that elongate.


Heart Shaped Face

Heart shaped faces are easy to spot. If you have a heart-shaped face or an inverted triangle-shaped face, your face is longer than it is wide. Your jawline is long and pointed, and is the narrowest part of your face. If you have one of these rare and adorable face shapes, you are in good company. Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston and Kourtney Kardashian all have perfectly heart shaped faces. Some beauty pros say that you must have a widow’s peak to have a heart shaped face. Without a widow’s peak, a similar facial shape is called an inverted triangle. That might be good information for you at some point but when it comes to hairstyles, forget about it. If you have wide cheeks and a narrow chin, you can consider yourself to have a heart shaped face.


Diamond – Triangle Shaped Face

First thing’s first, let’s get some terminology straight. It’s important that you don’t confuse a triangle shaped face with an inverted triangle shaped face. An inverted triangle shape has all of the characteristics of a heart shaped face. If you have a triangle shaped face, your jawline is wider than your forehead. Diamond shaped faces are also called pear shaped because of their similarity to the fruit’s shape. Celebs like Halle Berry, Lainey Gossip and Raven Symone are great representatives of this face shape. If you’re having trouble identifying your face shape, pull up your hair and take a head-on pic of yourself. There are tons of great websites that will analyse your face shape for you and help you decide.


2 – Hairstyle Trends

Everyone seems to be going short at the moment, so if you’ve been thinking of taking the plunge, now’s the time. But you don’t want just another overdone haircut, and once you do commit to the chop, how the hell are you supposed to style it? A shorthaired celeb example to get you inspired is Lily Collins whose pixie cut is a sure showstopper. While many short cuts are often edgy (and risky), Demi Lovato’s close crop is super sweet and classic. Finally, Miley Cyrus’s effortlessly edgy look is a great one to mimic at the hairdresser.


3 – Type of Short Hairstyles

Within the category of short cuts, there are many styles to look out for. Whether you want to go for a bob or a pixie cut, and whether you have fine or thick hair, it’s important to refer back to our original tip and make sure you’re suiting your hairstyle to your face shape.

1. Graduated Bob

A long, graduated bob is the perfect short haircut for women with heart shaped faces. Ali Larter’s wavy hair looks gorgeous with this cut and it’s perfectly matched to her features. Her hair has volume throughout so it doesn’t add weight to any one particular idea. The long layers in the front give the illusion of length so her face doesn’t look too wide around her cheeks or forehead. While she does have a central part, it isn’t too severe. She still has wispy layers of hair on either side of her forehead, which minimize her slightly top heavy facial shape.


2. Bob with Bangs

Katie Holmes’ bob was iconic. Chopping off her long, bland high school girl hair marked her move from a teen star into a woman of high fashion. The best thing about her cut is that it’s heavy around her chin. This is a great short haircut for women with heart shaped faces because it balances off the facial shape. Since heart shaped faces are known for their narrow, slightly pointed chins, a haircut that is heavy around the chin is perfect for creating balance. If you have straight or fine hair, it’s the perfect alternative to a long graduated bob.


3. Sleek Crop

Jessica Stroup‘s sleek crop is the perfect short haircut for women who want something chic and modern. The side swept bang narrows her forehead and creates balance for her face. Jessica has amazing cheekbones and this ultra-short hairstyle definitely emphasises. Rather than trying to minimize the heart shape of her face, Jessica actually draws attention to it. If you have wide cheeks and you’re self-conscious about them, you can get the same cut but ask your hairstylist to just make it a couple of inches longer so that the side swept bang goes over your cheeks.


4. Fringed Pixie

A fringed pixie is the perfect short haircut for women looking for an ultra-short style. Jennifer Lawrence is using the same bang trick that Reese Witherspoon, Jessica Stroup, and Katie Holmes have been using for years. The heavy bangs across Jennifer’s forehead help to create a balance to her face by minimizing the width of her forehead. This look works great for ladies with a widow’s peak because the tousled look allows you to work with your hair’s natural movement. While ladies with a broader jawline might feel a little masculine with this uber short cut, women with heart shaped faces can take advantage of their delicate chin with this look.


5. Short Layered Curls

Sarah Jessica Parker is one of the celebs best known for her long face. While she typically sports long hair, she chopped off her trademark strands for an amazing short ‘do a few years back. The great thing about the look is that it added volume all over the place. This is the perfect short haircut for women with long faces. The look broke up the weight of her curls while adding body all around and drawing attention away from her long chin. Long faced women should most definitely embrace their curls rather than reaching for the straighteners.


6. Sleek Bob

Ashlee Simpson looks better than ever with her sleek bob. It is a stunning short haircut for women with any facial shape and it is a particularly great style for long faces. The long, sleek side-swept bangs create volume around the forehead and cheeks. All around, it is a truly amazing style. It’s fashionable yet incredibly easy to maintain. It’s especially great for women with fine hair. It will add all day volume and require little more than a round brush. It might be a tricky style for curly hair but it’ll be ideal for almost anyone else.


When mustering the courage to go for the ultra chic short hairstyle that will take you from understated and pretty to confident and sexy, the main thing to consider is your face shape. Whether you’re heart shaped or oval, identifying your face shape will allow you to tailor your cut and balance out your overall look, or emphasise your face shape even more if that’s what you prefer. And if you’re still in doubt, you could always find a celebrity with a similarly shaped face to you, and bring a pic with you to the hairdresser. And finally, remember that your new edgy cut will always look best when accompanied with a confident attitude!

Which short hairstyle will you go for?