Haircuts for Round Faces

No more hairstyles that don’t suit your face shape! We’ve put together some top tips on how to use your round face shape to your advantage. Many women incorrectly assume they have a rounded face, so be sure to properly identify your face shape in order to get the correct guidance.

To determine your face shape, measure the length and width of your face with a tape measure. If the results are similar you have a round face; if the length is longer than the width you have more of an oval face.

Short Haircuts

For those that have short hair and a round shaped face, we have hairstyles and techniques you can try in order to feel great and look stylish.

Haircuts for round faces - Short Haircuts - THEN AND NOW SHOP

Pixie & Fringe

We generally refer to most short hairstyles as a pixie cut, but this haircut specifically is cut very close to the head. For a round face, we suggest having more length on the top, so that you are able to style and shape it the way you want. Whether it be a full or side fringe, we advise adding one to help break up the roundedness of your face. To style your pixie hair, you’ll need a very strong and long lasting hold to keep it in place – we recommend Oribe Rough Luxury Molding Wax or Garnier Fructis Pixie Play Craft Cream.

Long Bob

The constant debate: whether to ‘Bob’ or ‘Lob’. The answer for you round-faced women is the long Bob, AKA the ‘Lob’. The Bob cut is very circular as it curves round your jawline, causing it to add emphasis to an already rounded face shape. The Lob on the other hand is longer and so will elongate your face, creating more overall balance. This hairstyle is already quite simple but to make it look even more effortless, use product to create textured ends. We have two options for this texture technique: wax cream or styling cream. Both will keep hair in place but with very different resulting textures. Shu Uemura Art of Hair Cotton Uzu Defining Flexible Cream will create a slightly stronger hold, as the product is creamier than the regular stiff wax. If you’re looking for a less waxy product, Bumble and Bumble Brilliantine is also a good option.

Up do

The main aim for this hairstyle is to build volume up top and make sure the sides are much flatter in comparison. This is because you need to create a more oval structure to balance out a round face. There are a few options for this up do hairstyle, and for all of them you’ll need to be prepared with a lot of bobby pins. Start by taking hair, section by section from the back of your head. If the pins make the hairstyle look too messy, use the side parts of your hair to create a braid that will join in the middle. To build volume at the crown of your head, slightly pull out sections from the grips, forming a quiff-like effect.

Long Haircuts

For those with round-faces and longer hair, we think the following hairstyles will work for you:

Haircuts for round faces - Long Haircuts - THEN AND NOW SHOP


This is the simplest option for an everyday look as ombre is an easy dye to maintain. The only top tip for this haircut is to make sure the ombre dye starts below the chin and cheekbone or higher, otherwise you risk making your face look more circular. This hairstyle can be worn straight or wavy, but if you opt for wavy make sure the waves are not too tight and that they’re directed away from the face.

Half up half down

The “up” part is of your choosing – plait or ponytail. Try to keep the volume focused on the top section of your head and not at the sides. Separate your hair horizontally and make sure the side parts are tight as you grip or plait them. For extra volume on the top section, apply Bumble and Bumble Pret A Powder; it is not only volumising but also acts as a dry shampoo. Apply it to the roots and mix it into the hair with your hands, making sure there is no powder left visible.

Very straight

Though it is probably the easiest hairstyle for long round faces, it always looks flawless. We recommend using Matrix Total Results Sleek Iron Smoother before straightening. It will act as a heat protector and will also allow the hair to stay straight for longer. The instructions in this case are simple: just straighten all your hair. If you have layers, make sure they start at or below the chin line, otherwise they’ll only exaggerate your face’s roundedness. Finish this hairstyle with hairspray – the ghd Final Fix Hairspray will keep all your hair in place.

Medium Haircuts

The quick and simple medium hairstyles listed below are great for those bad hair days…

Haircuts for round faces - Medium Haircuts - THEN AND NOW SHOP

Layers & Waves

As we touched on earlier, when you have a round face and layered hair, it’s important that the layers start at or below your chin. Following this tip will ensure they give the illusion of extending the length of your face. We recommend the Sunsilk Waves of Envy Mist to form beautiful, natural-looking waves, as well as to control fly-aways. Apply the product into your hands then comb gently into your hair, making sure to cover all the ends.

All The Side

Whether you choose to have all your hair down or incorporate a plaited section, shifting your hair to one side diverts the focus away from the centre of your face. As only one side is voluminous in this look, it doesn’t matter too much how much volume you build on that side – either way the emphasis won’t be on the roundedness of your face.


Plaits or braids draw focus. We suggest trying out the Dutch Braid plait – the same technique as the French plait, but instead of placing the hair on top of each section, you place it underneath. We would generally advise against a headband braid though, as it will tend to accentuate a round face. Vertical plaits or braids are a great alternative.

So there you have it, our suggestions on how to work with a round face in order to create the perfect hairstyle.

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