Haircuts for Curly Hair

Whether natural or unnatural, medium, long or short, great-looking curly hair is possible for everyone. Here are a few step-by-step methods to achieve long-lasting, beautiful curly haircuts. We will be showing you a variety of simple hairstyles that can be easily fitted to your own personal style.

If your hair is not naturally curly, we recommend using the Lee Stafford Chopstick Styling & Curling Wand. This is one of the easiest products on the market to use and the results look effortless. If you want tight curls, section your hair into very small sections, as the heat will reach all the hair particles. For lighter and flowing curls, curl large sections of hair. Start from the bottom back of your head nearest your neck. For each curl, twist the hair around the wand in alternating directions. This will give the effect of natural curly hair. If your hair is already curly, you are one step ahead.

Short Curly Haircuts

Specifically for short haired women, we have three curly hairstyles to choose from.

Pin Up Style:

Sometimes with short curly hair, there are sections that will be particularly frizzy or need to be put away from your face. This is where this hairstyle comes in… It is an easy way of gripping back your hair, but still taking advantage of the natural volume created. For this curly hairstyle, you will need lots of bobby pins. Start by pinning together the bottom section of your hair, nearest your neck. If this section looks messy, the side parts of the hair will cover this messiness and pins. Although if you want this hairstyle to look messy, place the side parts quite high up, exposing the pins. Once all your hair is pinned up, use hairspray; we would recommend ghd Final Fix Hairspray to keep all curls in place. This style could also be suitable for long curly hair, but the results would probably be different.

Low Bun:

The low bun is the simplest option for short curly hair. To make sure all hair is in place, start by separating your hair into its natural parting. Twist the fringe section down and round the top of the forehead, and then keep grabbing more hair into this twist section. Grip this down when you have reached the neck part of the hairline. Do the same for the other side, gripping both sections together at the back. Take the remaining hair and create a low bun. You can then choose a braid of your choice, for example French plait or a simple twist bun.

Pixie Cut Textured Ends:

For this short curly haircut, the best way to get volume from your curls is through textured ends. For great results, use Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream. This product not only holds your hair in place, it also reduces frizz and makes hair look shiny. Smoothly apply this to your hair with your fingers. Do not brush the product in, as this will weaken the natural curls.


Long Curly Haircuts

Loose barrel curls:

For naturally curly hair, you may need to brush out your curls, so they are able to adapt to a different shape. Section your hair into quarters. Do not curl too close to the roots, start from upper mid of your hair. For looser curls take a large section and curl. Specifically for barrel curls, make sure you direct the curls the same way; this will create a cohesive wave effect. Make sure near the face you direct the curls outwards, away from your face. If the curls are too strong, simply brush them out with your fingers. Finish this hairstyle off with strong hairspray, so the curls don’t fall out of place.

Extra long ponytail:

Curls naturally make hair look shorter than it really is, so when hair is placed into a ponytail, the length is shortened even more. To increase the length, follow the following technique. Part you hair in half horizontally. Tie the bottom part together with a bobble as low as possible. Place the top part into a ponytail, at a height of your choice. From here, spread the top ponytail so the bottom ponytail is covered. Automatically, your hair will look layered and longer.

Half up half down for curly hair:

Curls are voluminous, so using the traditional method of half up half down may flatten your hair. Instead of taking all the top section of your hair, only take the crown section of your hair, avoiding the side parts. Tie this lightly with a bobble or if the section is small enough, use bobby pins to fasten. If you are unhappy with the height of the top section, pull parts out of the bobble. Finish with hairspray so everything stays in place.

LONG-curly-hair-THEN-AND-NOW-SHOPNaturally Curly Hair

We have just a few tips and tricks for naturally curly hair. Some of these may seem obvious but it’s always good to know you are treating your hair correctly. Avoid blow-drying your hair as much as possible as extreme heat is damaging. The best way to dry your hair is simply air-drying, although if you need to dry your hair quickly, use a hairdryer but choose a cooler setting. Towels are additionally important; a basic towel could be harmful for curly hair. Alternatively you could use a microfiber towel, but as these can be quite pricey you can instead use any t-shirt as a prime substitute. We will advise several products later, but for your knowledge, make sure your hair products do not have alcohol in them, or at least a low concentration. Alcohol is not as damaging to your hair as heat, but if you overuse alcohol-containing products your hair will noticeably become weaker.


Deep conditioning is the most important step for tending to naturally curly hair. We have recommended several different products, for slightly damaged hair and hair in need of moisturising or a general deep condition. Deep conditioning is more thorough and distinct than normal conditioning. It ensures all hair particles absorb the product fully. We would advise you to leave the conditioner in for as long as possible. For those who want to condition overnight, we suggest you put your hair into a braid so the product stays firmly put and does not wear off on the pillow. When you are ready to rinse your hair, make sure you use cold water to clean the conditioner off. This is to make sure your hair will retain some of the product and not have it drain out completely.

Deep conditioning products we recommend include: Bee Mine Boo-U-Ti-Ful Deep Conditioner and Camille Rose Naturals Coconut Water Penetrating Hair Treatment. These are for those of you who just need a general deep conditioning. For a stronger solution, Curl Junkie Rehab Moisturising Hair Treatment and Ouidad Curl recovery Melt-Down Extreme Repair Mask will come in handy.

Haircuts for curly hair - Natural mask - THEN AND NOW SHOP

When you need to sort out your frizz or unwanted fly-aways, use L’Oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil and Garnier Frizz Elixir. Apply these to your hands and run your fingers through your hair softly, making sure you reach all parts of the hair. For a simpler solution, or if you are running out of frizz ease products, get a bottle and mix ⅔ water and ⅓ deep conditioner. Mix this together and apply like before.