Cute Hairstyles

Whether you have short, medium or long hair we have the perfect hairstyles to suit you. Spending lots of time is not always necessary to achieve amazing and cute hairstyles. Here we will provide you with step by step instructions on how to create fashionable, quick and easy cute hairstyles. We have separated these cute hairstyles into different categories: summer hairstyles, everyday, layered, wavy hair and length of hair.

Summer Hairstyles

We have three cute summer hairstyles with simple instructions to follow through.

The classic fishtail plait:

To begin, part your hair in half evenly and grip separately so it is easy to plait. Starting from the top of the head, pick out a small section of the hair and split this into two. Take a section of hair from the bottom part of the right side. Place it over this section, then into the bottom part of the left section. Join the left section altogether. Do the following with the left side, taking a section of hair from the bottom of the left side, place it over this section then into the bottom part of the right side. The method of this plait does become quite complicated, but the outcome will be authentic, cute and fun.

The classic fishtail plait cute hairstyles

Half-up half-down:

This step by step guide will instruct you on how to apply the fishtail plait style to a half-up half-down hairstyle. Part the hair from just above the ears in a straight line, so the section is joined as a whole. We would advise pinning the bottom section up or away from the top section, so you don’t mix the rest of the hair into the plait. From here you can begin the fishtail plait. For a different finish, you could pull and loosen out bits of the plait to make it a little more messy. This is a real festival hairstyle.

Half-up half-down cute hairstyles

Headband plait:

Another cute summer hairstyle with a festival feeling is the headband plait. In basic terms, this is just a french plait but positioned on the crown of the head as opposed to downwards. Here are the step by step instructions if you are unsure of any plait techniques.

Headband plait cute hairstyles

Take a section of your hair from above your ear (the side of the head depends on which is the easiest if you are right or left handed). From here split this section into three and place the right section over the middle section. While you are making the plait, the sections will swap sides, the right becomes the middle and the middle becomes the right side. Now do the same with the other side. Once you have done this twice, you will need to grab a section of hair and join it together when you place each part over the middle. This will increase the size of the plait as it travels round your head. You have the choice of finishing the plait at the other side of the head by the ear again, or you could carry on the plait so it finishes with your hair length. Alternatively you could part your hair into half, then have the two french plaits starting from the parting and going opposite ways.

A cute tip for either plait is including a long piece of ribbon. When you section your hair the first time, use a bobby pin and secure the beginning of the ribbon underneath the hair. Pull in the ribbon into the plait when you grab the hair joining it all together.

Everyday Hairstyles

There are many everyday hairstyles you could use that are quick and easy to do. We have mentioned the french plait before, once in a rhythm this plait is very quick to make. And if you’re looking for a hairstyle that goes well with all hair lengths, the half-up half-down will do the trick.

Thick bun:

Here are a couple of simple and cute bun ideas that are very easy to accomplish if you don’t have much time to get ready. The thick bun, is a messy alternative to the donut bun. Start by tying your hair into a ponytail and twist all the hair so it becomes tight. Spin the twisted hair around the start of the ponytail so it turns and secures into shape. Once tight, fasten with a bobble making sure you have included the ends of your hair.

Thick bun cute hairstyles

Donut bun:

A more accurate and neat bun choice is the donut bun; firstly you must purchase a hair donut from a beauty store. These are very cheap and available in all different hair colours. Put your hair into a ponytail and place the donut round the ponytail. Split your hair in the middle and bring it around the donut, trying to cover it with as much hair as possible. Use a bobble and grip this hair again where the ponytail starts. With any excess hair, twist the it around the bun clockwise and gripping it in separately.

Donut bun cute hairstyles

A cute tip is to make loads of very small plaits in your hair before creating the bun. Once gripped together, you should be able to see the little plaits placed on and around the donut bun.

Layered Hairstyles

Specifically for layered hair, we have two cute step-by-step hairstyle ideas.

Side Part:

Firstly blow dry your hair. Apply your favourite product, we recommend Sunsilk Waves of Envy Sea Mist. Section all your hair to your right side; or choose your preferred side. Use bobby pins near the bottom to fasten down the hair from the left side so it’s tight. Pull sections out from right to cover the bobby pins placed just below; do not overdo this step as this could make the hairstyle too messy. Apply hairspray for the last touch; we would advise Aveda’s Air Control hairspray for best kept layers.

Side Part cute hairstyles

60’s Up-do:

The 60s up-do, inspired by Brigitte Bardot is a hairstyle which you probably would not expect to be on an ‘easy step by step guide’ but is actually pretty simple. Part your hair from the ears, joining in the middle. With the same section, split the hair in half again but keep it out from the other parts. Tease the bottom part of the top section to create height, focusing to create height at the middle of the head. Once finished, place back the top part of the top section, brushing only the top layer to create a slick finish. Grip together the neat section so the teased section is not visible. When complete, hairspray your hair so everything stays in place.

60’s Up-do cute hairstyles

Wavy Hairstyles

For wavy hair, we would recommend any of the plaits like the fishtail or french plait, but finishing them at the base of your neck so the waves are able to flow down. An alternative to this technique is the side plait. Again your choice of plait variety but for this step by step method we have chosen french plait; section all you hair to the right. Start the plait without finding the need to be accurate or neat. Only plait three to five times, grip this section and let your waves finish.

Wavy hairstyles

Short Hairstyles

Even if your hair is short, there are still many cute, easy and different hairstyle ideas out there. We have three hairstyles to try.

Pinned up hairstyle:

Pinned up hairstyle cute hairstyles

It can seem dull, but once finished it actually is a perfect elegant evening hairstyle. If your hair is very short, all you need is a box of bobby pins. Section by section pin up your hair towards the back middle of your head. Even if some hair does not stay in place, you can use hairspray to keep it into place. If you would prefer to hide the pinned section, you could plait large sections of hair then pin them across your head, doing the same the opposite way to avoid a collective section of pins.

Low bun:


Low bun cute hairstyles

A low bun is a simple way of keeping hair out of your face whilst still having a cute hairstyle. For short hair you would not be able to use a hair donut, but instead you could use a scrunchy or thicker bobble, which would do the job equally as well. The easy option however would be the thick bun. Putting your hair in a very low ponytail, then twisting the hair into a circle and fastening it together.

Short hairstyles

Medium Hairstyles

Those of you with medium hair, we would recommend trying a fringe. More specifically, a blunt fringe. The fringe requires no layers and it’s a very easy hairstyle to keep, as it only requires a quick cut. Blunt fringes give the facial features more structure and it also does not crowd the face too much. Fringes do get greasy more often that the rest of your hair but you are able to wash the fringe separately. When you are drying your fringe we recommend the Goody Start Style hairbrush, use the hairbrush in a circular motion to create an even and lasting finish.

Sleek back:

The second hairstyle we would suggest for medium hairstyles is the sleek back, which also has a surprisingly easy method. This is a great look if you haven’t washed your hair but you want a cute hairstyle. When it comes to using a hair product we would recommend to use something oil based such as Moroccan Oil Treatment Light, as it blends well with the oil left on the hair. For this method you will need to straighten all of your hair. Collect a large portion of hair at the crown of the head, tie this up so it does not get tangled with the rest of the hair.

Sleek back cute hairstyles

Take the sections just above and slightly behind the ears, apply the Moroccan Oil Treatment Light whilst combing it. Grab these two sections together and pin them down. Gather the crown hair section and from the back start teasing the smaller parts of the hair to create more height. Comb lightly to the front of the top section making it even all over and pin this down. If sections are higher than others on the crown, pull or push them out where the pins are. So even when you have unwashed greasy hair you can still create a really cute hairstyle.

Long Hairstyles

We have three step-by-step techniques for long hairstyles. The sleek ponytail; similar to the sleek-back hairstyle. It can work on both greasy or unwashed hair and all you need to do is straighten all of your hair.Medium hairstyles - THEN AND NOW SHOP

Sleek ponytail:

Put you hair into a ponytail, at a height of your choosing, and use a brush to keep everything neat and straight. A tip for this hairstyle: if you feel you look slightly boyish because of the flatness at the top, create a quiff. You can take a section from the crown of your head. Keep it separate when creating the ponytail. Afterwards form the quiff in the style you want. Or once you have created the ponytail, push sections out created a more realistic quiff.

Sleek ponytail cute hairstyles

Side-to-side grip:

Another cute hairstyle is the side-to-side grip; very simple and easy but also very effective. Straighten all of your hair and take a large section of it from both sides of the head, pin these together into a cross pattern. Push the top part of your hair creating a small quiff-like height. If you want this section to be messy, pull out this section and pull down the same section from below the grip part. Continue this until you are happy with the result.

Side-to-side grip cute hairstyles

Modern ‘Princess Leia’:

We have left the best hairstyle for last, the modern Princess Leia. Part your hair equally down the middle. Make two ponytails at either side of the head.  To create the buns, twist the hair quite tightly then wrap it around the beginning of the ponytail. Fasten these with grips or a bobble, and make sure there is no hair left around. If so, use extra pins and spin them round the bun. Repeat for the other side. To make this hairstyle extra cute, you could place a velvet scrunchie around each bun or you could plait the hair then twist them into the bun shape.

Long hairstyles

All lengths and types of hair have a wide variety of easy hairstyles, these are but a few. These step-by-step instructions should be able to guide you and let you experiment with new and cute hairstyle ideas.

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