Celebrity Hairstyles – The best

If you’ve been prolonging that trip to the chair having absolutely no idea what to do, take a look at our guide, inspired by Celebrities Hairstyles of course.

Most of us are a little over protective of our hair. We’ve all had experiences of walking into the salon with a dream and leaving feeling a little well, devastated. One of the worst things though, is trying to figure out what to do with your hair. What colour, length, style, what’s trending? We get it. Turns out it’s not only your wardrobe that may need a makeover for autumn and winter weather. New styles are exciting for seasonal changes so why not try something different, maybe even daring. To help you out, we’ve put together some ideas for hairstyles and trends we think will be reoccurring in the next few months.

Celebrity Hairstyles – Bright Bobs

Celebrity Hairstyles - Bobs


The blonde bob is usually associated with the sun-kissed glow that summer drenches us in. Surprisingly however, this style is actually becoming more popular during cooler months, mainly because it aims to emulate the glow that summer brings in the not so summery months. Last year, shorter hair ruled among celebrities as we watched them chop off their locks, amazed at their bravery. We thought that maybe it was just a summer fling? Then Jennifer Lawrence and Hilary Duff decided to keep their shorter lengths going and we knew something special was happening. We don’t mind, and neither should you. If your hair isn’t as healthy as it once was or you find yourself stuck in a never growing conundrum, this style may be a perfect fit. Going blonde is a whole thing on its own but try adding some darker low lights or an ombre effect to give some more definition. The bob is a simple length, and with blunt cuts or layers it can add movement and more attitude to your look. Try out this icy look with darker lipstick during these coming months, it may just surprise you.

Celebrity Hairstyles – Auburn waves

Celebrity Hairstyles - Auburn Waves

This darker sophisticated look adds a little more colour but doesn’t completely throw you head first into the dark side. This is not your average red, it goes beyond the usual colour and is perfect for autumnal weather. The leaves changing, thicker and longer coats, frosty weather… this hair colour suits them all. Auburn is a mixture between red and brown that creates an elegant result. Something you may not think would suit you, but celebrities like Lana Del Ray show us how gorgeous the colour can be. Auburn also has a glamorous shine, making the hair appear healthier whatever your texture may be. This is a problem some women have during autumn and winter months, when the weather is colder. It can be difficult to keep the hair shiny and avoid dry thick lion manes (we’ve been there). Another trend that goes hand in hand with this colour is effortless waves. Beautiful waves are no longer restricted to spring and summer only. Waves have the effect of creating thicker looking hair, especially if yours is on the fine side. Wearing all black or white on paler skin, or tanned tones with a darker lip to match… flawless.

Celebrity Hairstyles – Layers and highlights

Celebrity Hairstyles -Highlighted Glow

Every year effortless, chocolatey waves tend to be the usual norm for brunettes. They pair well with the weather we expect in the coming months. Sometimes new comers delve into the rich colour also, could that be you? If you’re having some reservations about crossing over to the dark side Shay Mitchell, Kim Kardashian and Nikki Reed are some examples you may want to have your hairdresser look at. These examples demonstrate that one colour and one cut hairstyles can result in a look that is sophisticated and a little more dramatic. The main advantage of layers is added volume that they give to an otherwise simple hairstyle. Runways are another place we see this look every year, ranging from chestnuts to coffee browns, all just as luxurious and satin looking as each other. The main priority you should be thinking about when deciding to transition to this hair style is the colour or shade and highlights that will suit your skin tone. As well as gaping at celebrity pictures for inspiration, your hairstylist can help you out here. From what we’ve been seeing olive, pale and tanned skin tones fit well with the glossy combination of browns.

Celebrity Hairstyles – Textured Bangs

Celebrity Hairstyles -Textured Bangs

There’s something very sophisticated about the contrast between long hair and a textured fringe. Not only does it have the advantage of shortening the forehead, it can also add more definition to the face. If you have never thought of getting a fringe cut, then this hairstyle might be the edge you need to add to your look. Originating with strong purpose from the 1970’s, this has become a returning style with all types and styles of hair. Tied back, a bob, long hair, super straight hair, crazy curls, you name it, a fringe can work with it. Heavy swept bangs were another trend we saw at fall fashion shows and though most of them emulated some bold styles, it was a refreshing comeback for the beloved staple. The main hold-back for women attempting this hairstyle we found, is the worry it won’t match with the frame of their face. Salons are helpful for this also, and when that seems like too much effort, nothing beats the old ‘pull some long hair over the forehead and hope for the best’ trick.

Celebrity Hairstyles – Low Ponytails

Celebrity Hairstyles - Low Ponytails

Simple and elegant is slowly becoming the new motto for hairstyles and autumn and winter looks are no exception to this. The low ponytail has made an appearance among many celebrities and consumed Instagram pages of bloggers and models. This look is perfect for the girl who is always moving and for who styling hair just isn’t something worth spending too much time on, ironic because the low ponytail has the potential to look like something you put time into. Simply tieing long hair back is frequently done on the runway as a fast alternative to styling hair backstage when things are crazy. It also extenuates to create the illusion of longer youthful hair, something we covet for every season. Keeping this hairstyle simple is just one way to rock the look though. Adding some curls or back combing the hair for a rough rustic addition is also welcome in the coming months.

Celebrity Hairstyles – Slicked Back

Celebrity Hairstyles - Slicked Back

If you’re looking for drama hairstyle, you may not necessarily need to go to the hair salon or risk a cut. Some of the hairstyles we’ve given you in this article may seem like a little too much trouble. However, trust us, it may not get any simpler than this. Save yourself some hassle with this easy but dramatic look: slicked back glam. From Kendall Jenner to Jennifer Lopez, this look wears not only with casual street style outfits, but also with the elegant floor length gown. You never know when you’ll suddenly find yourself in the mood for a red carpet glam session. This slicked back hairstyle and the combination of the dry crisp weather produces an effortless look we just love. Dark makeup or light natural make up… it can work with any look and can amp up your confidence and presence more than the average hairstyle. Coupled with that we are also loving the glossy, wet look with a natural or emphasised glow. Try it out for yourself!

Celebrity Hairstyles – Braids

Celebrity Hairstyles - Braids


This trend has evolved, differing from the idea of ‘getting your hair out of your face’. From Kylie Jenner to Blake lively this hairstyle has become a real focal point for celebrities and models. It has the ability to make an outfit look that little bit more romantic or edgy. Gigi Hadid took the simple braid down the back, and turned it into a runway ready style that stunned us. This hairstyle is another that works well if you don’t want to cut or colour your hair. Maybe you just want to do something a little different. The best part of this hair style is that it is mouldable and reformable. You can style it up or down to your content either for a more conservative or crazy look. Whatever you decide to do, this look is a sure thing for fall and will surely leave you fascinated. And we don’t just mean how long it may take to learn the different braids there are!

Which are your favourites? If you try these looks out, tag us on social media so we can get extra inspiration from your looks!