Smokey and Simple Eyeshadow Shades

The eyes are the windows to the soul, and what better way to accentuate their beauty than well crafted eye makeup?

Smokey eye looks are particularly popular. They’re dramatic and mysterious all at once.

The smokey eye is the 80s power suit equivalent for eye makeup. It’s a look perfect for that big night out or for occasions that require that little extra edginess.

But what colours do you choose?

Maybe you don’t really feel like a heavy smokey eye look, and would prefer something simpler.


When it comes to choosing colour pallets and shifting through the abundant style options for your glorious peepers, it can all be a little bit discombobulating., especially if you’re a newcomer to makeup.

This article will serve as a guide for your eye makeup goals, simple or smokey. We will go through all the tips and tricks that make the world of eyeshadows that little bit easier to stomach.

By the end of this post you will be able to pick the colours that best showcase your brown, green or blue eyes.

Eyeshadow looks for Brown Eyes

The majority of humans who populate our little world have brown eyes. This doesn’t take away from the beauty and uniqueness of individual sets of brown eyes.

Research has shown that brown-eyed people are seen as trustworthy.

When it comes to eye makeup, the simplicity yet complimentary colour of brown means those with brown eyes have a greater variety of colour options, that would look great with their peepers.


Smokey eye for Brown Eyes – black, brown, taupe and bronze

Brown eyes can afford to opt for darker colours. Colours like black, brown, taupe and bronze create depth whilst accentuating the warmth of brown eyes.

Bronze shimmer on the center of the lid not only gives this smokey eye more of a party feel, but should also help make your brown eyes sparkle that bit more.

Simple eye makeup for Brown Eyes – cobalt blue, emerald green, violets and mauve/lilacs.

While you may opt for dark vampy eyes as a smokey evening look, for simple daytime looks you might choose lighter colours.

Cobalt blue makes dark eyes appear lighter, whilst emerald and purple hues compliment chocolate tones.


Dark eyeshadows can have the effect of making the eyes appear smaller. To prevent this, use white eyeliner to gently highlight your waterline and inner corners of your eyes. You may find a light shimmery eyeshadow highlights your inner eyes better.

This will make your eyes appear brighter and more alert when wearing dark shadows.

To further accentuate the shape and size of your eyes with an angled brush, use the darker shadow shade and delicately line the roots of your lower lashes, just under your water line.

Eyeshadow looks for Green Eyes

Green eyes are rarer than brown. Often associated with mischief and quick wits, green eyes have long been deemed mystical in some cultures.

Halfway between brown and blue eyes, those with green eyes can also be versatile when it comes to picking eyeshadow colours.


Smokey eye makeup for Green Eyes – forest green, gold/bronze and browns

Jewel tones look best on those with green peepers because green eyes often have combinations of shades of green and brown running through them.

Jewel tones really bring out those streaks of extra colour.

Forest green, brown and bronze combinations are particularity gorgeous for green eyes. Dramatic shades of purple also compliment.

Simple eye makeup for Green Eyes – mauve, purple, warm pinks

Because mauve, warm pinks and other lighter purples are perhaps closer to human skin tones; they work great for a more natural eyeshadow look that greatly compliments green or hazel eye colours.

For day or simpler looks we recommend opting for a matt shadow rather than one with loads of shimmer (which is usually more suitable for a more demure look).


If you opt for a green shadow, you may want to create some separation between the colour of your eye and the similar colour of your shadow. To do this, use gentle brown pencil eyeliner that you can blend out a little.

If you’re looking for a more dramatic effect, opt for jet-black liquid eyeliner, maybe creating a cat flick to accentuate the feline nature of green eyes.

Eyeshadow looks for Blue Eyes

Having blue eyes means possessing a recessive gene, making blue amongst the more rare eye colours out there.

Scientifically speaking, all people have blue eyes. Though as we develop in our mother’s womb or at birth, our eyes produces melanin that shrouds the base blue iris.

This explains why some children are born with blue eyes only for them to darken to brown or green as they grow.

Blue eyes have spawned many musical and artistic inspirations, with many dreaming of their underlying baby blues.

Some blue-eyed women may think that a dramatic eye look should be avoided, scared that it all might be a little bit overpowering.

Wrong! Not if you do it right that is.


Smokey eye makeup for Blue Eyes – navy blue, grey, silver

When creating dramatic looks, those with blue eyes should pay particular interest to the colours that suit them. Your blue eyes are rare! Let them do the talking.

That does not mean that blue-eyed beauties should miss out on all the dramatic smokey eyeshadow goodness. Instead of jumping for that jet black eyeshadow opt for more metallic shades like grey and silver.

If you want to create a deeper colour, opt for darker shades like navy and royal blue. These colours are dark enough to create a smokey shadow effect, but aren’t too over powering that they detract or dull your own gorgeous eyes.

Simple eye makeup for Blue Eyes – shades of pink/peach, copper

When thinking about more day-to-day looks, those blue eyes of yours can allow you to get more creative while your smokey look may have had more of an icy metallic effect.

Using shades of pink, peach and copper, create a warmer more neutral look that is perfect for the daytime.


Another way to emphasise the size of your eyes when wearing darker shades on your lid is by spending that little extra love and attention on your lashes.

We recommend here for all your clump free lash needs.


Apply a few coats evenly until the desired level of thickness, and make sure to curl them bad boys for maximum eye widening effect. If you want some more drama you could always add a set of false lashes.

Choosing Pallets

Of course you can use whatever palette you would like, but it can be annoying when you’re using different shades from different brands and palettes.

The pigmentation and texture can be harder to blend or work with.

It may be worthwhile investing in a good palette that has your key colours all in the same place. For this we recommend eyeshadow lines offering the colour combinations suggested in this post in particular.

Skin Care

Before applying eyeshadow it’s important you prep your skin. Your eyes are delicate and the skin surrounding it is the thinnest on your face, so it’s important you moisturise the area well and frequently.

Before applying any cosmetic products to your eyes use primer.

Not only will it act as a barrier between your skin and the product, but also it will ensure your makeup stays in place, preventing any annoying creases that could occur.

At the end of the day no matter how tired or in love with your makeup you are, please cleanse your face thoroughly.

Your layer of makeup would have collected free radicals throughout the day.

Free radicals are essentially pollution in the air from things like car exhausts and other things that pollute the atmosphere. These chemicals have been linked to premature ageing. So if you want to preserve your skin please wash away the entire extra gunk.

We recommend those skin care products. Its ingredients can be found in nature. As well as cleaning the skin it reduces dark circles and puffiness in eyes.


We know how it can be sometimes. After a long day you’ve gotten cozy in bed only to forget your coloured lids.

If you really can’t be bothered at the very least wipe away the mess with a good quality makeup remover. You should always keep some in your nightstand for easy access.

So those were some easy go-to colour choices perfect for your gorgeous eyes.

Did you try them out?

If you did, tag us in your pictures so that we can see!