1. One or the other! I know the likes of Kim Kardashian can do a heavy eye and lip and look like a babe, but ladies off of red carpets tend to look their best choosing to accentuate one or the other, not both. Lips or eyes, my loves.

2. Prime your lashes. You may have a dream mascara, but the mascara alone has nothing on that mascara applied after being curled and primed. False lashes for real.

3. Drink all the water! The effect water has on your skin, hair, nails, and eyes trumps anything a product can do. I aim to drink two litres throughout the day.

4. Find your power colour. There is nothing more empowering than finding ‘your’ lip colour. It is a strong red for me, but finding your perfect nude can feel just as powerful.

5. Skincare trumps makeup. If your skin is looked after, everything on top of it (not that you’ll need much!) looks its very best. If an artist tried to paint on a rough or porous surface over a smooth one, would the result be as beautiful?