Morning Routine: 5 Good Habits

Morning Beauty Routine

Most of us don’t always have time for a little TLC before work. Lucky for us, we’ve got Julia Rebaudo, a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger, on hand to share with us a few quick practices to make the most out of our mornings:

1. I’ve just got back into dry brushing before showering and it’s great for sloughing off old skin.

2. During summertime, I admit, I am prone to slathering on a bit of tanning moisturiser (I love Chocolate Sun from A Beautiful World).

3. I try to find time for oil pulling before brushing my teeth. What’s that?! Swishing an oil, like sesame, around your mouth to help keep teeth and gums healthy.

4. I’m a big fan of coconut oil and use this to clean my face, washing off with water and a sponge.

5. I’m not a big makeup person, but I always pop on a bit of Translucent Makeup by Dr Hauschka and Topshop black mascara before leaving the house.