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Majdan Rocks


Majdan Rocks is a high-end fashion jewellery label run by Iwona Majdan, established earlier this year. Before turning her attention to jewellery, Iwona Majdan has been a practicing artist with over 10 years experience, creating numerous provocative performances. Iwona's jewellery combines her desire for the creative, beautiful and conceptual with the desire to explore what makes people tick. Her pieces are sculpture manifestations of what she observes about the world around her. Each collection is infused with an emotional charge, which Iwona uses as her point of departure when designing each new piece.

For her "Rebellion" collection, she uses bold yet fluid lines to create beautiful, modern statement pieces, which evoke an understated elegance combined with a daring edginess. The collection consists of rings, pendants and earrings. Each piece is superbly crafted and is made of 22ct gold or rose gold plated brass. All Majdan Rocks jewellery is produced in the UK.